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Hardware department
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Hardware department

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Hardware department in bulk from the manufacturer for export. The hardware department is the main area where raw milk is prepared for the manufacture of all types of products included in the company's assortment. The hardware department is the main area where raw milk is prepared for the manufacture of all types of products included in the assortment of the enterprise. In this department, the main operations for the production of dairy products are carried out: cleaning (including from bacteria and spore - forming microorganisms), separation, normalization, deaeration and (or) deodorization, homogenization, pasteurization or sterilization of the normalized mixture or skim milk and cream. The hardware department is the main consumer of technological media (steam, cold, water and electricity).

The equipment that is part of the equipment department is controlled from the central control panel.

The central control panel is used to enter initial data and control all technological processes of milk and dairy products production, as well as transfer raw materials for further processing.

The central console displays information about the operating modes of technological equipment; the operation of the equipment that is part of the hardware department is controlled; the necessary adjustments of the technological process are made; CIP control of equipment is carried out.

Milk flows are distributed by a pneumatic valve system. Information about the flow of the technological process or the process of washing equipment is reflected on the control panel by means of measuring sensors. Information about the operation of the valve system is also displayed here.

To register the operating mode of the equipment, indicators reflecting the technological and operational parameters are induced on the panel: productivity, safety indicators of separators (vibration speed, drum speed, oil temperature in the crankcase), separation temperature, pressure at the inlet and outlet of the pasteurization unit, vacuum level in the deaeration installation, pasteurization temperature, blown temperature at the outlet of the pasteurization installation, temperature of hot and ice water entering the sections of the pasteurization installation, homogenization pressure, degree of filling and emptying of tanks, mixing of the normalized mixture, volume and temperature in tanks.

The parameters of the current technological process are automatically registered and archived in flash - memory.

It is possible to complete the equipment section with an installation for automatic normalization of milk and cream for fat, as well as a local CIP - washing with control of the concentration of washing solutions and a pre - installed program for washing equipment.

In accordance with the terms of reference of the Customer, it is possible to remotely connect the work of the department, remote view the operating modes of the department, the ability to remotely change the operating modes of the equipment.

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 18.05.2021

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